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I stopped watching Glee a few weeks ago because it was getting a little too inappropriate. As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, today I tried to download some of the music from the show, and it’s just not the same because I didn’t see the episodes. Usually I want to download all of them, but I only wanted to buy a couple. And even then, it’s just not as fun to listen to.


“All the day I think of you,
How do you do the things you do?
I love you girl with all my heart,
because you’re pretty and you’re smart.

Don’t you miss Cory Matthews and the gang?

Last night T.J. and I watched the season premiere of Glee on Hulu. And wow, could it have been any better?! I loved it and can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.

Oh, and at the end of the episode, did I watch the Empire State of Mind song over and over and over again? Duh. Did T.J. and I get up and have a dance party? Doy.a.Duh (as my little cousin says).

New favorite TV show:

Prison Lockup. It’s a documentary series on MSNBC on Saturday nights.

It’s actually quite a creepy show, but puts prison into a new perspective. One man who was executed in Tennessee said that he wasn’t going to change his perspective on the death penalty just because he was on death row. He confessed to his crime almost immediately after the event, and said he knew he deserved the punishment. Granted, he killed his four children, so he is a terrible person. But it is interesting to hear the perspectives of the inmates.

Why would anyone ever watch The Nanny? They have reruns on TV Land every night. I can’t understand it. Honestly, even if you liked the story line, how in the world can you listen to that AWFUL voice for more than one second? Sometimes I hear it when I pass through the channels and even that is too long for me.

I’d post a video of what I’m talking about but I don’t want to risk listening to her voice.

I have seen a few new movies and TV shows this past month and I want you to see them too because they are awesome.

  1. Invictus – This is truly an inspiring film. Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman both did a great job in portraying the unification of South Africa that happened in 1995.
  2. Forever Strong – Okay, this makes me seem like I am a sport movie fanatic. But I’m not, it just happens that these two were both Rugby related. This one was incredible. The acting wasn’t as strong as Invictus, but the story was great and really was a tear jerker in some places. I also love that it was produced by an LDS man and based off of the Highland, UT team.
  3. Pushing Daisies – This TV started in 2007 and only ran for two seasons. It is simply wonderful. You can watch all of the episodes on Netflix Instant Play (or see a few episodes on the WB). It’s about this guy who has the power to bring people back to life by a touch. If he touches them again, they will die forever, but if he doesn’t touch them again in one minute, something or someone else nearby will die. He brings back his childhood sweetheart but can’t ever touch her again or else she will die. The show is a mystery and comedy, kind of like Monk, but with a little fantasy twist. It’s precious and clean. Watch it!

I love/hate Terry’s sister in Glee.  Her voice is so obnoxious, and the things she says are so awful but she is downright hilarious.  One of my favorite quotes from her popped into my head today:

Terry: Can you make me a BLT?

Deb: Me too. But hold the lettuce… And the tomato.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch Glee–specifically this episode called “Preggers.”