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This morning while running on the treadmill, the strangest thing happened to me. I had my headphones on, my iPhone was sitting in the cupholder and I guess some way or another, it was conducting electricity and sending shocks through my headphones so I keep feeling little stings in my ears. I held my phone and it stopped. Hopefully I don’t go deaf from this experience.

I don’t know what it is about this winter, but I am just craving snow. Every morning I look out the window in anticipation, but unfortunately I keep getting disappointed.

It keeps flurrying but not sticking. What a tease. I am looking for some real frozen precipitation here! Is that too much to ask? I know the likelihood of school being canceled is slim to none, but it’s worth a shot of hope, am I right?

So, here I am. Looking out the atrium windows at work (I’m covering for the secretaries) and I am just searching for a snowflake falling in the air. Come on snow… come… on… snow!


I am so behind on blogging! I hate it. It’s like when I get behind on my journal (I’m about 10 years behind) and you try to catch up but then you get so frustrated from missing so much and not being able to write it all down, so you just don’t write anymore! But I cannot, WILL NOT, stop blogging! I’m might be behind but I will get caught up!

I feel like I haven’t written for weeks. I know it’s just been days, which is normal for most people. But this is the longest I have gone without posting!

My life is very hectic. But what I’m learning is that it will never be any less hectic so instead of freaking out and always using that as an excuse, I need to learn how to prioritize and deal with all of it.

I got a haircut this weekend (pictures or video to come). I really love it. I had been considering dying it for a while because the ends were almost orangey. But instead, I just trimmed up all the ends and put in a lot of layers, which took care of that problem for the most part. Oh, and I cut my bangs pretty short again. I’m hoping I can pull them off like Anna on Pushing Daisies

I created a new a blog with my friend Danica. So, that’s been taking a lot of my time trying to get it all started, finding contributors, and figuring out exactly what our objectives are to the blog. Which reminds me… if you are interested in posting a little bit on this new blog of ours, let me know!

I quit watching Glee because it was getting a bit too naughty lately. It’s quite a shame because I love the music, so I think I’ll keep listening to the music, but just skip the drama.

I did pick up a new TV to help me not feel too sad about losing Glee. It’s called Modern Family. It’s pretty funny. Phil is my favorite.

The library T-shirts that my coworkers and I created are on their way. One is a picture of a Zombie, with words saying, “Don’t be afraid… We want to feed your brain!” I am obsessed with the design, and kudos to Christopher for creating the idea! The one I did will be in shortly and goes along with the library’s “Newspice” video.

That’s about all the random stuff I can think of for now.

Last night I helped serve a dinner for the missionaries and volunteers who work in the Family History section of the library. During the event, a representative from the new Church History Library downtown SLC spoke to all of us and gave us an interesting slideshow of the history of the church. Some of the photographs were seriously incredible. He showed a real photo of the pioneers crossing the plains in 1947. Another photo was of the SLC temple half way built. My favorites were of several Native Americans who had come to SLC to have their picture taken.

One story he shared was from Joseph F. Smith’s personal journal. While reading us what Joseph wrote, a picture of the journal was on the projector. Joseph had a two and a half daughter who was very sick. She couldn’t sleep at all one night and as he consoled her, the little girl said, “It’s okay, I’ll sleep well tonight.” That evening the little girl passed away. Joseph’s heart was broken as he realized his little daughter knew what was before her.

I didn’t tell the story nearly as well as the words in the journal, but we all felt such sadness hearing the thoughts of Joseph. It was incredible how much we could sympathize for him and his family from just a short journal entry. The speaker told us if we can connect so much with someone who isn’t even related to us, imagine how amazing it would be to connect with our family members who have passed on. That is why it is so important for us to keep personal records about our stories, events, and testimony. It truly will be a treasure to our posterity and a great way to connect with them.

{I love buttercup ranunculuses. I wish I could have fresh flowers on my kitchen table everyday. T.J. probably gets sick of me hinting daily by saying, “Oh aren’t those flowers soooo pretty?” “Oh wow, I would love to have those at home!” “Wow, that girl is so lucky!” “T.J. I just want you to get me flowers!”}

{I kind of am getting nervous (okay, I’m really anxious) about what I’m going to do after graduation. I am going to apply to the New York Internship for the spring. So I’ll walk in April, but graduate once the internship is over. That will be an amazing experience and really be a jumpstart to my career as a media planner. But I guess because I am unsure if I will find a job in the area after the internship scares me to death. And then there’s the whole grad school thing. I have always thought I would go to grad school. I know if I wait, I won’t want to go or I’ll have kids and won’t have time to go. So, if I want to go to grad school, I really should go next year. I have been investigating a little bit and asking around, and I have been getting sooooo many answers and opinions. I know it ultimately needs to be my choice and what is best for both T.J. and me. But that is going to require a lot of faith. Pray for me?}

{I have been on a cooking frenzy, but I’ve barely eaten any of it. Fortunately we have had a lot of people over and T has been eating a lot (usually I have to remind him to eat). But it has been really fun to try new recipes and learn new skills. For example, I made two sets of cupcakes. One of them required me to make a marshmallow topping (which I didn’t know until after I tried the icing and I thought, wow, I just made a marshmallow). I had to stir the topping in a bowl over a pot of boiling water for about 15 minutes. I eventually gave up because we don’t have an electric mixer and by the end of the 15 minutes, I was sweating like crazy and my hands were about to fall off. I also made chicken salad for the week. It took me like 5 minutes and now we have a great lunch all week! And yesterday I made caramel sticky buns for the ward missionaries and T.J.’s graphic design club that was coming over. I burned my tongue trying to taste the boiling caramel that looked so delicious, it still feels raw. }

{We have had a fly in our house for over a week now. I thought flies were supposed to only live a few days!}

{I bought two baskets of mums for our front porch last Wednesday. They are about 95% dead right now. What am I doing wrong? I water them everyday. They get enough sun. It’s horribly sad. Turns out I can’t even keep a plant alive…}

{Can I just say I was extremely satisfied with the premiers of The Office and Glee last week? I am so excited for both of those seasons and am so happy the premiers did not disappoint.}

{I am ready for fall. When a season begins, I put away most of the clothes from the past season and pull out the new season’s clothes. It is my favorite thing about changing seasons (except the leaves during the fall). This way, it feels like you get brand new clothes every few months, your closet holds all your clothes nicely, and you don’t find white summer blouses in your closet when it is snowing outside. Anyway, I put away the majority of my summer clothes on Labor Day. I know that was way to0 early of me, I just was excited for my fall/winter clothes. They’re. My. Favorite. I love my boots. (oops, I mean like-“We don’t love clothes” right, mom?) I like my sweaters. I like my fall purses. BUT it was 90 degrees today. I had to force myself to wear a t-shirt because wearing my cardigans simply could not pass. When will the fall begin? The leaves know it’s fall. When will the weather cooperate?}

“Okay, campers, rise and shine and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.”

Today I got up on time AND arrived at work on time. This may sound normal for you. But, I particularly struggle in the mornings. I set two alarms and even have T.J. wake me up, but for some reason, nothing will bring me out of my sleep.

But, I’m awake, alive, and feeling good. It’s going to be a good day.

Also, the L’Oreal Brandstorm Kickoff meeting is tonight! I can’t wait to see what this year’s competition will be about!