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Well, little miss Hermione Granger sure switched up her look, didn’t she? What are your thoughts?

  1. The Orphanage. I saw it on campus at the International Cinema so they edited out the bad stuff. But this thriller really gets your heart pumping with a well-written plot and twist ending. Just wait until the woman plays the “knock 1 2 3” game. Oh man. (P.S. it’s on Netflix Instant Play).
  2. The Ring. I will never see this one again. Too satanic. Too scary.
  3. The Ring 2. I watched this with a bunch of girls a few years ago really late at night. I don’t remember much because I kept falling asleep. But I do remember a bunch of deer attacking them. Horrifying.
  4. Lady in White. Old movie. You wouldn’t think it would be this scary, but I couldn’t have the blinds open for weeks. There are like three stories throughout the movie, but the ending is by far the scariest part.
  1. The Others. I love this movie. Nicole Kidman does a great job and I’ll never forget my friend Mikey Tensmeyer quoting the children at the end. When the door slams and the piano starts to play, I always lose it!
  2. Skeleton Key. I think you know already how I feel about this one.
  3. The Birds. It didn’t scare me during the movie. It scared me the next time I saw a bunch of birds. And every time since.
  4. The Invasion. This is more of a thriller. Once again, Nicole Kidman is incredible.
  5. 1408. When this first came out, Blair and I saw it 3 times in the theater.
  6. What Lies Beneath. When the neighbor see them through the window all of a sudden, you might have a heart attack.

Remember how I told you yesterday about the movie Skeleton Key? It has made me so paranoid that I can barely be alone.

I couldn’t take a shower this morning because I was so scared of being by myself. Showers don’t even have anything to do with that movie, that’s how crazy I am.

I may or may not be the biggest baby alive.

I can’t handle scary movies. At all. But back up two years, and you might recall that I watched them all the time. In fact, two Octobers ago, I had a free Netflix month where I had 4 movies at a time and so I decided to get scary movie after scary movie. That must have put me over the edge because, ever since then, anything remotely scary haunts me for days and really messes with my head.

Well, The Skeleton Key was on TV the other night. I remember seeing it a while ago, but I couldn’t remember the plot, so I was interested in seeing what would happen. Plus I love Kate Hudson. Of course, T.J. was asleep, so I knew it was bad news to try and watch it myself. So I woke him up (he was just on the couch, so it wasn’t that big of a deal) and had him watch the movie with me.

That was about three days ago. I still cannot stop thinking about it. The ending is driving me crazy and I really can’t believe I didn’t remember it from the first time I saw it.

Last night I had to sing hymns in my head to fall asleep. It is ridiculous.

I’m in the mood to watch Gone with the Wind again. Who wants to suffer through that with me?

I have never watched more than the first ten minutes of any Pride or Prejudice movie. Without fail, I fall asleep or turn it off because I am so bored. I don’t really like that time period, not to mention, I very much dislike Kiera Knightly. Am I ignorant? Am I a loser? Do I not know what I missing? I’ve lived a happy life so far….

I have seen a few new movies and TV shows this past month and I want you to see them too because they are awesome.

  1. Invictus – This is truly an inspiring film. Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman both did a great job in portraying the unification of South Africa that happened in 1995.
  2. Forever Strong – Okay, this makes me seem like I am a sport movie fanatic. But I’m not, it just happens that these two were both Rugby related. This one was incredible. The acting wasn’t as strong as Invictus, but the story was great and really was a tear jerker in some places. I also love that it was produced by an LDS man and based off of the Highland, UT team.
  3. Pushing Daisies – This TV started in 2007 and only ran for two seasons. It is simply wonderful. You can watch all of the episodes on Netflix Instant Play (or see a few episodes on the WB). It’s about this guy who has the power to bring people back to life by a touch. If he touches them again, they will die forever, but if he doesn’t touch them again in one minute, something or someone else nearby will die. He brings back his childhood sweetheart but can’t ever touch her again or else she will die. The show is a mystery and comedy, kind of like Monk, but with a little fantasy twist. It’s precious and clean. Watch it!