This blog contains the many stories, findings, and thoughts that occur everyday in my life.

I decided to start this blog because at my internship with a social media marketing company, we created blogs and other social media tools for businesses, as well as taught them how to incorporate those tools into their marketing strategies.

Well, after working with blogs daily, I realized it was time for me to create my own blog. So here I am, writing away.

Now a little about me.  I am a senior studying advertising, with an emphasis in management.  I sincerely believe it is the most fun major on campus.  Yes, most people say that about their majors, but really it’s a blast.  We get to watch and analyze ads, create our own marketing plans, and creatively solve problems in the business world.

I am from Kentucky and grew up in a strong LDS, or Mormon, family.  I have great parents who are both witty and wise, 3 older siblings who all consider me the baby who will always act like a baby (I think they are just jealous they weren’t the youngest with all the perks).

This past May, I married my husband T.J. in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  It was the most wonderful day of my life and I love married life, I highly recommend it.

And now it’s summer, I’m currently enjoying a nice break from school and obsessing over this new blog.  Hope you enjoy it!