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I am moving my site, so I am shutting off comments, etc. New site should be up in a few days, so wait until then to post comments.

Thanks, Katie

In the spirit of Santa, I myself made a list today. And I checked it twice.

It was my To-do list for all of my homework that is due through the end of the semester. It all fits onto ONE page. What seemed like endless syllabus pages in the beginning of the semester now has been condensed into a couple of lines and will be checked off shortly! As soon as they’re checked off, it’s Christmas time AND I’m one step closer to graduation.

Which reminds me, I registered for graduation today. NBD. April 21-22. Be there.

This morning while running on the treadmill, the strangest thing happened to me. I had my headphones on, my iPhone was sitting in the cupholder and I guess some way or another, it was conducting electricity and sending shocks through my headphones so I keep feeling little stings in my ears. I held my phone and it stopped. Hopefully I don’t go deaf from this experience.

Hey guys, I’ve started a blog about my goal to lose some weight and get back into shape. My “Christmas Wish” is to lose five pounds by December 21st, the day I go back home for Christmas break. Let me know if you have any tips or pointers!

[dumb]bells will be ringing

Remember that seventh grader I used to mentor who keeps popping back into my life, I want to help her and her family of five by providing a Thanksgiving dinner for them. I just would need a couple of side dishes and hopefully enough to buy them a pre-cooked turkey so they don’t have to worry about cooking it. I will deliver everything the night before Thanksgiving, so let me know if you are interested in helping!

Claire playing “Church”

I love the two different faces Claire and Amelia are making.